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2019 – REIMS – INTERVENTION. November 2019. For a month (4 Sundays) I supported and advised around fifteen members of the CaféGEM association. The theme: “A SECOND LIFE”. A time for reflection on 24 images. Draw on 24 sheets (10.5x15) an evolving theme of the member's choice. During the four sessions different tools will be used (pen, brush and graphite) with a single material: Indian ink. The 24 images are then gathered in the order of movement then animated in our hands to discover our animated SECOND LIFE. We will have created a FLIP BOOK.


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Eric Dabancourt with his black ink drawings. Explore its captivating collection and get your hands on a unique work now! Let yourself be seduced by the authentic artistic expression of Eric Dabancourt.

The Eric Dabancourt Gallery

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