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The Lyric Sketch sings on paper. The pen quivers at the octave of the voice and reaches the depths of the eye in a disconcerting emotional and artistic confusion.

Where does the sound come from? Where does passion vibrate?

The dialogue between the black ink line and the musical score is implicit, anchored in the silence of contemplation. Éric Dabancourt creates this paradox, invoking the greatest figures of linked passions, such as Orféo, Carmen or Don Juan.

They are all there, in a row, on the stage of the Reims Opera, their eyes filled with the ancestral vibrations of their exalted complaints. Palpitating ghosts of our unacknowledged catharses, as if engraved by the pen in the surface layer of the paper, they awaken again, over the course of the line, over the long course of the sketch, felt, felt, independent and indomitable.
In a final artistic synesthesia, Éric Dabancourt's line pairs the sound, and the senses respond in a major chord of cordial understanding.

Agathe Cèbe


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Eric Dabancourt with his black ink drawings. Explore its captivating collection and get your hands on a unique work now! Let yourself be seduced by the authentic artistic expression of Eric Dabancourt.

The Eric Dabancourt Gallery

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