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Dunes" up for auction on

From 22 January 2024 (00:00) to 28 January 2024 (23:59) I have placed 12 drawings up for auction on the "ARTACTIF" platform. The auctions will last a week so that I can meet you and appreciate my graphite and ink drawings a little more? See you soon.

"Les Dunes" by Eric Dabancourt: an artistic odyssey by the sea

In the spellbinding world of artist Eric Dabancourt, a new work is emerging, soberly named "The Dunes". This captivating piece offers a sensory immersion in the very essence of the coastline, where sand, the sea and the murmur of wild grasses combine to create a unique visual symphony. Follow him on this artistic journey, where each stroke becomes an imprint of time spent by the sea. 

water's edge.

The quest for a moment in life

When Dabancourt immerses himself in "Les Dunes", he invites us to share his gaze, to scan the horizon in search of those precious moments of life.

in search of those precious moments of life. The rustle of the wild grasses becomes a melody that accompanies his exploration that accompanies his exploration, a call to observe nature attentively. In this painting, the artist captures the ephemeral and invites us to a contemplative meditation.

Sea and sand: an eternal fusion

At the heart of the work, the sea and the sand share the horizon, creating a visual symbiosis that transcends the boundaries of the painting.

the boundaries of the painting. Dabancourt, like an alchemist, freezes this eternal union on canvas, emphasising the constancy of the natural cycle. The subtle nuances of the sand mingle with the infinite gradations of the sea, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in this timeless scene.

The language of fullness

In "Les Dunes", emptiness is banished, and this is the language that seduces. Every element, whether it's the clouds suspended in the sky or grasses caressed by the wind, occupy the space with poetic poetic accuracy. The artist becomes a pilgrim, an explorer of the coastal landscape, creating a vibrant dialogue between nature and its artistic interpretation.

Sand and feather

The particular texture of "Les Dunes" lies in the encounter between the grainy texture of the sand and the line of the of the pen. The paper, meticulously chosen, becomes a living medium where each grain seems to tell a story.

story. The pen, like an accomplice, gives life to a few shells, evoking a symbiosis between the artist's creative gesture and the treasures washed up by the tide.

A new artistic destination

Dabancourt's drawings take on volume on paper, taking us to a new destination.

Each shell, each curve of the seascape becomes a stage in this artistic journey. "The

Dunes" is not just a static work, it embodies a continuous voyage, an endless exploration of the endless exploration of the 20,000 places along the seashore.

"Les Dunes" by Eric Dabancourt transcends mere artistic representation to become an immersive immersive experience. Through his unique visual language, the artist invites us on a sensory odyssey where the sea, the sand and the feather enter into communion. Every detail of this work becomes a door open to wonder, a window onto the infinity of coastal landscapes. "Les Dunes" is much more than a painting, it is an invitation to contemplation, an artistic escape that is renewed with each reminding us that every corner of the coast is a treasure to be explored.



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