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The Flight of the Soul

The Flight of the Soul is an artist's book of 120 pages in 17 x 24 cm format, square sewn spine, printed on very elegant paper, prefaced by Eric Poindron.


“The poet Roland Lagoutte likes to ride words. Lyrical, surreal, intense, light, in love, it follows an emotion, the words emerge like a look that is surprised by what it sees. Roland is a rhyme-enhancer, a word-shaker, a muse-deliverer. Builder of dew, his cathedral is a celebration of verse and light.”


“For Eric Dabancourt, the line is the driving force. It carries with it a line, a series of points linked together, naturally, from seduction to seduction. And what happens to this trait? What can happen in the adversity of chance, of white paper, of the capricious movement of the hand? Yet it becomes. Eric’s work reflects this subtle, skillful, unique and singular metamorphosis.”

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Eric Dabancourt with his black ink drawings. Explore its captivating collection and get your hands on a unique work now! Let yourself be seduced by the authentic artistic expression of Eric Dabancourt.

The Eric Dabancourt Gallery

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