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The brochure: "Artistes Occitanie" presented during Art Montpellier.

The Art Montpellier Fair will be held this year from 16 to 19 November at the Parc des Expositions. This 2023 edition brings together more than 70 galleries from all over France, and even from abroad (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan).

For my part, Artistes Occitanie will be releasing its fifth volume of the collection: "Artistes Occitanie", the 30 artists of the year, including me, with five pages devoted to me. With this fifth volume, the collection adds thirty artists to the previous volumes, which now makes up a collection that allows you to discover 150 artists from the region's 13 départements. The formula has not changed since the first volume: each artist is presented over four pages, with a text tracing the artist's career, interspersed with visuals of his or her work.

Comme chaque année, les organisateurs de la Foire ont retenu un thème autour duquel sont organisées des expositions de prestige. Art Montpellier 2023 se déroule ainsi sous le signe de “Lumières et transparences”, avec trois expositions à la clé :

– La galerie Bacqueville consacre un solo show au duo français Delage + Olson

– Vincent Cunillère, photographe officiel de Pierre Soulages et galeriste, présente des photos des vitraux de l’artiste.

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