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Lyon Art Paper 2023

For the past eight years, the Lyon Art Paper show (4-8 October) has been giving pride of place to drawing. Over the years, it has become a firm favourite with art lovers. Last year, it even went so far as to invite Robert Combas, a major star of contemporary figurative art. And for its ninth edition, the guest of honour is the artist Christine Crozat, a sculptor as well as a drawing enthusiast, who designed the poster for the show.

She explains that she has been drawing for over 33 years, an activity she began on the train, the TGV between Lyon and Paris to be precise, and which has become a necessity for her. But she approaches drawing in a very free way, from works on paper and tracing paper to incised notebooks, fine cut-outs and works in graphite pencil.

Lyon art paper 2023
My meeting with Christine Crozat (above) was a rewarding one, and I welcome her willingness to meet every exhibitor at the 2023 show.

The four days were a particularly rewarding experience, especially with a well-informed audience who were won over by artistic approaches on paper. My meeting with Christine Crozat (above) was an enriching one, and I salute her willingness to meet each and every one of the exhibitors at Salon 2023. So there was plenty to talk about, and not many buyers in the immediate future, but as we all know, the road is long and you have to be patient...

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