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"Après l'Orage" by Eric Dabancourt

In Eric Dabancourt's fascinating work "Après l'orage", we are invited to plunge into the heart of a mineral world shaped by time and the elements. With striking precision, the artist captures the very essence of the Stone Age, where each sedimentary stratum bears witness to past centuries and the torments endured.

Through this work, Dabancourt confronts us with a profound reflection on the parallels between climate change and the tumult of our lives. The rough contours of mineral become the mirror of our certainties, eroded and battered by the vagaries of life, just as Mother Nature suffers the assaults of the elements.

The artist, like a contemporary alchemist, chooses graphite as the medium to translate his

impressions. Each stroke in graphite becomes an exploration of the depths of the rough material, evoking the texture of stone. The black powder delicately caresses the paper, a dance between artist and support, an intimate dialogue with the strata of time.

At the heart of these drawings emerges an unhurried contemplation, an artistic meditation where each pencil stroke is a question, an exploration of the emotions that resonate through each layer of sedimentation. Ink, traced with exquisite precision, becomes the channel through which the artist's emotions are expressed, creating a unique visual language. "Après l'orage" transports us beyond the visible surface, plunging us into the depths of artistic reflection. It's a visual and tactile experience, an invitation to probe the strata of our own certainties, meditate on the passage of time and feel the roughness of life.

In contemplating this work, we are invited to a dance between man and nature, between the fragility of our existence and the timeless robustness of stone. "Après l'orage" is much more than a painting, it's a visual poem that awakens our senses and provokes deep reflection on our place in the vast picture of the universe. A work of art that transcends time and transports us to unexplored artistic horizons.

©2023 - Eric Dabancourt - Après l'orage - Format : 100x70 cm. Available at

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