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The Savages(Daniel Vignal Gallery)

“The line is spontaneous, it is at its birth without its own definition, but a freedom that belongs to it, a thought in the present…

The pen coexists with the graphite lead in order to exist on the sheet, this melee gives the expression endless vivacity. Perennials full of light fill a new pastoral-inspired space and without precipitation the herbs become wild in the drawing. The ink stain follows the repetition of these lines which are invented on the cellulose bark.

After meditation, my drawings become finished paintings. From this moment, you become an actor in my works. So have a good ride!

It's a beautiful exchange that I have with the Daniel Vignal Gallery, in respect of Art without any excesses. During the exhibition I was able to host a talk on the theme of my personal exhibition "the savages".

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Eric Dabancourt with his black ink drawings. Explore its captivating collection and get your hands on a unique work now! Let yourself be seduced by the authentic artistic expression of Eric Dabancourt.

The Eric Dabancourt Gallery

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